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Luxurious Woven Kente Clutch Bag

Luxurious handmade clutch bag with a black cotton combination and authentic handwoven Kente cloth from Ghana. The kente pattern is called Akyempem kente cloth. Literally means “thousands shield.”
Akyempem kente cloth pattern is a reference to shields used by a highly well-organized armed force consisting of thousands of men and women who defended the Asante Kingdom against external aggression in Ghana. According to the military strategy of the Asante Kingdom, the chief of the shield bearers, the Akyempemhene, and the rear guards of the King are his own sons. Shields once used as military weapons are now used in royal ceremonies to symbolize and commemorate the military prowess of the Asante Kingdom in Ghana.
This clutch has a blend of four woven cheque design which is made up of blue, green, wine and a beautiful yellow base to match the black combination.
Hold this clutch bag in any direction of your choice to depict its colours. It has a magnetic clasp to close the bag and a small pocket on the inside.
This luxurious kente clutch is perfect for formal occasions and comes with a chain. This is also perfect for an evening out or if you just want to look chic.

Product description

Width - 12 inches
Height - 5 inches
Depth - 3 inches

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