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Fascinating Flat Wall Hanging Shadows

Ghanian hand wooden carved 14 pieces wall shadows sculpture. This fascinating wall hanging depicts seven men and seven women increment in sizes. This can be arranged as individual pieces. It can also be arranged in perspective or according to your desired style to tell a story. It also depicts growth, movement and climax. It can also be given as a gift.
I'm sure you have a story to tell about growing up as a child or reflecting through the stages in your life with spirit and style.
Just grab this fascinating wall hanging shadow for your unfilled wall as the focal point in your home or office and tell your story to visitors. I'm sure they will love it!
Dark Oak
Product Details:
*Free shipping in the Uk
*Approximate dimensions in inches for men and the same for women:
1- 17x2.5x0.50
2- 15x2x0.40
3- 13x2x0.30
4- 11x2x0.30
5- 9x2x0.30
6- 7x1.5x30
7- 5.5x1.5x0.50
* Material: Ebony wood
* Total weight: 1.6kg
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