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lush Adwinasa Original Kente Cloth

The lush original handwoven Kente cloth is made from Ghana. This Kente is called “ADWINASA” meaning all the motifs are used up. A symbol of wealth, royalty, creative ingenuity, elegance, perfection, excellence, and superior craftsmanship.
“According to the elders, the designer of this cloth attempted to weave a unique cloth to please the Asantehene (King of the Asante tribe in Ghana). In his effort, he used all the motifs then known to weavers in weaving one cloth. In the end, he remarked that he had exhausted all the repertoire of motifs known to Asante weavers. The cloth was, therefore viewed as one of the top qualities, and the most prestigious of kente cloths, besides those woven exclusively for Asante Kings. It was in the past, worn by kings and people of high status and wealth.”
This Kente offers a two-piece of the same design and the third piece as a combination.
The cloth can be wrapped around the chest or waist for a traditional event. It can also be sawn as made to measure garment, with a style of your choice for special occasions or offered as a gift. The kente cloth can also be used as a decorative piece.
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* 3 piece cloth
* Measurement:
* Colour: Green, blue, pink and gold

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